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Metal False Ceiling
Metal false ceilings are designed especially for providing resistance against moisture, crack, fire and other damages. These are matched according to the paint on the walls and roofs. Metal false ceilings come in a variety of appealing styles and designs.
Multi B Ceiling
Designer multi B ceiling is featured with excellent sound control properties, maximum longevity and eco-friendly structure. It is basically a ceiling panel which is installed in loud environments for preventing noise. It creates a good ambience for the interior.
U Shaped Baffle Ceiling System

U shaped baffle ceiling system is a style of suspended ceiling that employs a number of metal or PVC baffles to produce a linear, geometric pattern. It can be set in any arrangement and are suspended from the ceiling using wires or metal rods.

Multi B Profile Ceiling System

A multitude of ceiling designs can be made with the adaptable, multi-B profile ceiling system. It consists of a number of interconnecting panels that can be configured in various ways to produce various aesthetics. The panels come in a range of hues and finishes.

Linear Ceiling System

For your ceiling needs, the linear ceiling system 84c 184c offers a flexible, simple-to-install option. Both household and business applications can benefit greatly from its utilisation. The system can be used with any kind of ceiling material and comes with pre-drilled holes for simple installation.

Lay In Tile Ceiling System

Lay in tile ceiling systems are a sort of ceiling that is hanging below the main ceiling is a suspended ceiling. Steel, aluminium, and plastic are just a few of the materials that can be used to create the grid.

Clip In Tile Ceiling System

A metal grid is used to hang a certain type of ceiling system from the ceiling joists, known as clip in tile ceiling systems. These are simple to instal and remove thanks to the grid system. Clip in tile ceiling systems is mostly applicable for suspended ceilings in commercial and office settings.

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